Tryout Results

Thank you to everyone who tried out this year!  If you see your number listed below in the appropriate age group, an offer has been presented to you for a spot on the team.  The remaining age groups will receive offers at the completion of the training sessions next week.  Congratulations!  The hard work begins now!

*Note that PE stands for Private Evaluation*


What's Next?

Coaches will be reaching out to you via email or phone to communicate the offer process with you.  Listed below are the two most important items moving forward: Registration and Uniforms.


Follow the documentation linked to the right to ensure your registration requirement is completed.


Linked on the right you will find our latest catalog offering of Select uniforms and apparel.  Before uniforms can be ordered, team rosters need to be finalized and imported into Stefans Soccer.  Once that process is completed, parents will receive an email detailing the ordering process.  Note the order date on the PDF does not matter.  Prior to ordering, be sure you have a confirmed jersey number from your coach.  If you have any questions please reach out to our Uniforms Director.