Looking for an easy and fun way to fulfill your volunteer hours in just one day? Grab your friends and enjoy a free concert at Alpine Valley while raising money for Germantown Soccer Club.  The money raised will go towards equipment and goals for practice to provide a higher quality experience for our players.

Sign up at our Volunteer Website today to reserve your spothttps://gsc.ivolunteer.com/

GSC has been given the opportunity to run a concession stand at Alpine Valley for the upcoming season (July 5-Sept 21).  There are 9 dates, listed below, with approximately 20 volunteers needed per event.  In order to secure our own stand, we need to commit to filling all events before July 5th.  However even if we do not fill the spots for our own stand, we will have the opportunity to share a stand with another group.  Grab your team parents, your friends, your neighbors, and make it a fun group night out to support your kids soccer club!

Event Schedule:

July 5 and 6- Dave Matthews Band
July 12, 13, 14- Phish
July 20- Jimmy Buffett
August 23- Hottie & the Blowfish
Sept 8- The Who
Sept 21-  this event  has not released yet, you will NOT want to miss this.  THIS DATE IS ALL DAY, so I’m looking for double the volunteers in order to make shifts

What we need for each event if we run our own stand:

  • Ideally we would like 6 stand captains to commit to being at at least half of the events so that we can have 2-3 consistent/trained people to run the stand per event
  • We need 8-10 people 18+, trained to serve alcohol (online training available**)
  • We need 10 additional people to serve food and be runners

**In order to serve alcohol, you must be trained.  There is an online course available for $7.95.  The club will reimburse you for this cost if you volunteer at least one event.

If you have any questions pleas contact Jean-Marie for more information!