Playing & Practice Field Availability

Contact Paul Hammond for play & practice field availability. Contact opposing coach if there is any question as to game on/off.


Field Conditions (last update: 4/22/19)

Friedenfeld: GAME fields Open

Field 1 (U7/8):

Field 2 (U7/8):

Field 3 (U9/10):

Field 4 (U9/10):

Field 5 (U11/12):

Field 6 (U13+):


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Share Your Volunteer Energy! 

NOTE: Volunteer information will be updated on new website in May 2019  

GSC is a volunteer non-profit organization that concentrates all its efforts on the development of youth soccer in our community, not on profits or high salaries for coaches. Our club doesn’t work without your help.

Historically, GSC has asked for volunteers as needed, but it has become more and more challenging to get help when needed. When registering, all GSC member families are asked to pay $50.00 as a volunteer buyout fee up front for 6 hours of volunteerism you can  choose from the various volunteer options available. GSC provides the following opportunities to the GSC families to contribute to the club and obtain their fee back. GSC families are not restricted to the option they chose at registration and can volunteer for any of the club needs available.We do ask that club members fulfill their volunteer hours in Germantown first before attempting to fulfill at other kicker events. In doing so, we will be much better able to provide whats most needed for our club. Thank you for your cooperation.


Board Members– Volunteers that fill board positions are reimbursed their volunteer fee no later than the end of Fall Season. See website for details.  If you are interested in joining the board, contact GSC Regional Director for information.


Coaches - Volunteers that fill Head Coach positions are reimbursed their volunteer fee no later than the end of the Fall Season. The GSC Director of Coaching is able to give more information about head coaching responsibilities.   


Assistant Coaches- Volunteers that are assigned Assistant Coaching (1 assistant reimbursement per team ) positions are reimbursed their volunteer fee no later than the end of the Fall Season. The GSC Director of Coaching is able to give more information about assistant duties.


Team Managers - Volunteers that are assigned Team Manager positions are reimbursed their volunteer fee no later than the end of the Fall Season.  A manual for Team Managers is available, contact Regional Director or Director of Coaching for more information.


Special Committees – Committees to help to develop and promote special events.


Special Events: Volunteers that complete volunteering 6 or more hours at any of the special events planned are reimbursed their volunteer fee by submitting their volunteer hours through your team volunteer coordinator or manager.  Special Events include but are not limited to 3v3 summer league, PeeWee festival, and Run/Walk and other fundraising  events. 


Concessions help– Volunteers that select the concession option during registration and complete 6 or more hours in concessions for the soccer year are reimbursed their volunteer fee by logging their time in a concession log. Concession times are available thru the Volunteers Coordinator.  Contact GSC Concessions and Volunteers for information.


All Special Events, Field Committee, and Concession volunteers will be reimbursed no later than end of the Spring Season.



Fields Committee

All game field lining and field setup volunteer hours are coordinated through the Director of Fields. Practice fields are lined by the choice of individual teams, and do not count towards volunteer hours.

All field lining equipment for practice fields is at the Homestead Hollow barn. Contact a board member for access procedures.
Contact the Director of Fields or Regional Director for access to the Friedenfeld shed for game related activities.




GSC Volunteer and other Opportunities for the Germantown Community

If you have teenage kids looking to earn a little money and/or learn responsibility, the club is looking for young adults. The club uses the money that families pay to buy out of volunteer activities to hire help when needed.


Concessions - Please contact GSC Concessions and Volunteers for details

Field Lining - Please contact Field & Equipment Director for details

Tournament help - Please contact Paul Cummins for information

Entry level coaches: Individuals that have played soccer before and are looking for a volunteer opportunity and take on or assist a team are welcome. Please contact GSC Regional Director or GSC Director of Coaching for details.

Team Big Brother or Sister: Get assigned a team, attend practice, and help coaches with tasks at practices. Help make soccer fun for kids. Soccer experience preferred, but not required. Experienced soccer players can help show kids soccer skills and work with coaches on training plans. Please contact GSC Director of Coaching for details.

Also another money making activity for children aged 12 and older is refereeing. Referees are trained and sanctioned by the state not by GSC. All costs incurred obtaining appropriate licensing are at players expense, this can be a rewarding activity for the children.  Soccer Referee: Contact club Director of Coaching. 

Paid Coaches: GSC hires qualified/licensed coaches as needed for select teams. Please contact us.


Milwaukee Kickers MiKro Soccer Coaches

Milwaukee Kickers is looking for MiKro Soccer Coaches!  Coaching opportunities exist in Germantown and most other MK regions.  You must be 16 or older, love soccer, and enjoy working with small children.  If you, or someone you know, are interested, see for more info
MiKro Coaches receive training, a t-shirt and competitive hourly wage.  
MiKro Soccer is a 6-week introduction to soccer; in a non-competitive, fun, atmosphere.  Instructed by certified Milwaukee Kickers coaches with a goal of enhancing participants' physical activity, socialization, following directions and teamwork.