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Field Conditions (last update: 4/22/19)

Friedenfeld: GAME fields Open

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Other Questions?






We hope the information below will answer some of your questions.

If you are in need of more clarification, please contact the Director of Academy (John Winters) or the Director of Coaching (Lati Ziba).


 The Germantown Academy Program is designed specifically to progress age groups of both boys and girls through the stages of technical, tactical and self development aspects of soccer in a fun atmosphere that does not focus on winning as a measure of success.


1. How do you tell a child they are not on the same team as before?  They may not be with the same teammates from last year, but they will placed on a team to where they can play soccer at a level that challenges their skill sets. In school, teachers often group children of similar abilities together for reading or spelling.  These groups are not given levels just names. Each group is then given content that, while challenging, allows them to succeed.  When a child becomes proficient at that level, they are moved up when appropriate to the next group and set of challenges.  By the time they leave that grade, all children will have met the minimum standards, while some will have exceeded expectations.  This is our goal for each child; to meet the minimum soccer standards for their age level knowing we will have a few players who may exceed expectations.

We cannot emphasize enough the benefits this structure provides for all groups of players.  The teams that play in the Academy level will have the opportunity to compete at another level.  The other team’s player will have more playing time and opportunities to touch the ball to develop their skills on a team better suited to their skill sets.  Teams will be balanced out every season so that no single team struggles due to lack of talent.  Kids lost in the shuffle in U8 may now have an opportunity to become leaders on their new team.

2. Wouldn’t Academy just be considered Select soccer? No. Select soccer is picking and placing the best talent onto a team; players may be cut.  Academy is about challenging and developing players across an entire age level.  Our goal is to place your child on a team that allows your child to succeed.  There will be opportunities for your child to play on multiple teams and for multiple coaches.  We are looking to develop the entire age group as opposed to just one team.

3. “The Academy team players ‘think’ they are better than” and tease the other kids or makes unkind remarks.  This type of attitude can be quashed immediately by parents and coaches. We (Coaches, Directors, Parents and the Club) will not tolerate this behavior and action will be taken against those who persistently behave this way.  Parents, coaches and club leaders are all responsible for ensuring negative attitudes and actions are prevented and corrected.  There will be combined practices and players will all have a chance to play on the other teams at their age level at least once during the season.  Again, we are looking to develop the entire age group instead of just one team.  Players will have the opportunity to showcase their talents to all coaches at their age level, along with the Directors and Hybrid Coaches observing them throughout the year.

4. Why didn’t my child “make” the team playing the Academy level? Players are placed on a team based on their soccer ability, previous seasons play and an evaluation by all coaches and Directors.  If your child displays a majority of the characteristics listed, they are probably more suited to a more challenging level of play. However, it should be noted that during a player’s soccer development they may move back and forth between the different academy levels of play.

 Coaches and Directors will evaluate your player on:

  •  Demonstrates sound technical skills (control, dribbling, and shooting)
  •  Considers soccer a high priority
  •  Has a high level of coordination and good agility
  •  During games, is aggressive in their attitude and approach to getting involved
  •  During games, tends to dominate the play
  •  Demonstrates high level of focus and concentration during practices and games
  •  Practices with a ball in their own time outside regular schedule of games & practices
  •  Has willingness to attend soccer camps

These criteria are judged best by the coaching group who see the players regularly.  While all players are approximately the same age chronologically, their “soccer ages” may be vastly different.  Little Joey may have just started this year, while Little Emily has been playing since 4 years old and practicing 2 times a week.  This scenario typically results in a significant difference in ability levels despite the kids being the same age.  Since players at this age are usually very quick learners, more playing and practice time can significantly improve their “soccer age” quickly.  Remember many players in the age group will have the opportunity to play with the Academy team as they begin to show the above characteristics.


5. Why combined practices? WYSA and MKSC Directors of coaching strongly encourage Academy age groups to have one player pool practice a week.  We, as a club, feel that combined practices are to be viewed as a soccer camp for that age level of kids.  By having all the coaches at these combined practices, your child has the opportunity to be coached and evaluated by different coaches.  They will also get a chance to meet new players and perhaps players they will most likely play with in the future seasons.  We will teach specific skills during the combined practices.  One coach might work on technique, while another will focus on tactics and finishing, etc.  We believe the most important part to this is the interaction and mixing of players with different skill sets.  We want kids to recognize who they are playing with and what roles they fulfill within a team.  Is your child going to be a leader and show everyone how to do something? Or - is your child going to learn because their friend knows how to do it?  As previously mentioned, we want to develop all kids in these age groups as a whole.

The goals of combined practices are to:

  •  Develop sound technical skills (control, dribbling, shooting)
  •  Increase levels of coordination and agility
  •  Coach them to be aggressive and get involved
  •  Teach the techniques on how to dominate play
  •  Instruct them on how to focus and concentrate during practices and games
  •  Expose players to different coaching styles and levels
  •  Allows coaches to see other players on other teams develop or to see what skills may need to be further developed

Combined practices allow coaches to do various other things they would be unable to do if only a small number of players are showing up at practices i.e. running a full game with the opportunity to stop and coach the entire group on game situations.


Soccer at this age is not always about winning, it’s about development.


We are responsible for creating a positive environment where players are encouraged to develop a sense of TEAM among the entire age group.  By doing this we hope to eliminate the “better than” syndrome.  We have seen that by practicing together, players are more comfortable with all players in their age group when playing on each others teams and together in tournaments.


6. Why are we moving to a hybrid coaching program? We feel that we have a great group of volunteer coaches at the age groups from U9-U14/15. One of the concerns we hear about, is that the quality of coaching is perceived to be higher at clubs with paid coaches. We plan to have  paid staff coaches with the volunteer coaches once a week per age group, both to give the kids access to someone who may have more soccer experience, and also to accelerate the development of our volunteer coaches in regards to their soccer knowledge. This hybrid method keeps cost at reasonable while making sure we are giving our kids quality training. This will give the children and the coach an opportunity to learn from a hired coach that has either played soccer at a high level or is licensed for that age level and/or higher levels. The idea will be to assign your team with a licensed and paid coach, which will be overseen by Director of Coaching, Lati Ziba. Hybrid coaches with be from local clubs (including MKSC Academy) and coaches at the high school and college levels.


7. Are there additional costs for playing academy?  Yes. Currently the costs are usually $200 per team for teams playing in the Academy league. The additional cost is because this level of soccer is not run thru Milwaukee Kickers, but through WYSA which is our state association. WYSA will be responsible for scheduling all of the games. Each team will have the opportunity to compete against area soccer clubs and Mega Play Dates (which are like mini-tournaments) are also included each season.