Select Soccer Levels


Select soccer in Wisconsin has various levels of play and commitments which have changed dramatically over the last few years. They affect player’s families both financially and time wise. So in an effort to make things a little clearer I have put together the below information, to be crude with my wording I will go with basic, intermediate, advanced, and expert.

Basic Level: - SECL. Or Classic League- Divisions A, B, C. South Eastern Classic League

Most teams from Germantown start off at this level and work their way up by being successful. Teams play against other local teams usually traveling no longer than 40 – 50mins for a game. Coaches can be volunteer (does NOT reflect their ability) or paid. Minimum license level “E”. Costs are not much more than recreational for the year but a stronger time commitment is required.


Intermediate:- State League– Premier, First and Second division- Over  the years and this year 2013 we have had success with teams playing at the State level, teams play against teams from areas such as Madison , Green Bay , Appleton and Racine and have an opportunity to play in State Cup. Our parent organizations Mksc Academy (formerly Elite) generally starts at this level of play. Travel and coaching costs can start to become a burden for some, playing time can be severely restricted depending on players’ ability, fitness, attendance and club they are playing for. Coaching license level depends on age group minimum “E” or “D” Playing time can be restricted based on a number of factors.

AdvancedMidwest Regional League. Travel starts to become more widespread as teams play against other regional teams from surrounding States such as Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, and Minnesota. Please visit their website to learn more. Minimum coaching license for pool team “C” .  click  link    

 also in this category you would have the  Wisconsin Development Academy- Please visit HERE to learn more about WDA its philosophy and structure.


Expert: National Premier Soccer League- Extensive travel and time commitment involved. Click HERE to learn more.

I realize that there is a lot of information here but breaking it down into these levels I hope you can figure out where you and your child fit into the soccer spectrum. While the levels are broken down from basic to advanced that in no way reflects on the ability of players playing at those levels. Here in Germantown we strive to provide the best competition for our players and will endeavor to play at the level that suits our players’ development and their family’s commitment. Our coaches are fully licensed and we constantly strive to improve our coaching by attending educational clinics and taking advantage of other learning opportunities from the professional staff at Mksc.