Playing & Practice Field Availability

Contact Paul Hammond for play & practice field availability. Contact opposing coach if there is any question as to game on/off.


Field Conditions (last update: 4/22/19)

Friedenfeld: GAME fields Open

Field 1 (U7/8):

Field 2 (U7/8):

Field 3 (U9/10):

Field 4 (U9/10):

Field 5 (U11/12):

Field 6 (U13+):


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Select Tryouts 2018

See Tryouts 2018 Page for More Info.

All Tryouts are held at Friedenfeld Park.

The park is located one-quarter mile north of Mequon Road on Country Aire Drive.





If a player declines a spot , it would then open up to the next player in line.

2. The player was not ready at this time to play at the level required and should continue to play rec. soccer at this time to further their development.

Once rosters are full the players who did not make a Select team will be asked if they wish to register for Rec. soccer to continue their development.

This is a tough time for Coaches, parents and players alike and it’s never easy telling a player they did not make it.

 Please remember they are young and have plenty of time to get better and its perfectly OK for players to play rec soccer until they are ready for the next level.

Update in progress as of 6/28/18...


How do we compare to other soccer options?

GSC has always strived to be affordable while maintaining competitiveness and developing players. Typically GSC is half the cost of most local alternatives and is substantially less than that at some other clubs. The value difference is a personal decision, but if your interest is development and long termteam development with a vision for High School camaraderie, GSC is an excellent place for your family!

Select Cost Estimates: U11-U14 Teams (as of '17/'18 season)

$325 Base fee includes practice field, game field, referees, 6-8 league games in the fall (September to October) and 6-8 league games in the spring (May to June). A portion of this fee goes to Milwaukee Kickers and a portion to us, the Germantown Region.

*U15 and above Base Fee is $210 all other fees are approx. the same.

Additonal Fees (All Fees below are estimates):

WYSA Player registration fee $12.50

There is an additional $50 Volunteer buy-out fee per player and $100 max per family.

Uniforms will have a fee of  approx $88 for 2 jerseys ,1 short,1 socks.

Coaching fees are additional and determined on a case by case basis per experience and divided evenly among team members.

Tournaments are approximately an additional $35/$45 per player per tournament.

Indoor soccer has 3 optional sessions which range from approximately $50 to $75 per session.

Ball, shin guards, and any other personal equipment are additional.


Select v Recreational Soccer

To help educate those unfamiliar with the terms and choices available. If your child enjoys soccer, there will be a place for him/her to play.

Recreational, Select and Academy/Elite are the most common terms used to describe the general soccer levels and programs. Commitment, performance, and financials will help determine what is right for your child.

Recreational ( U9/10 Academy )  soccer is what your child is currently playing. Coaches are often volunteer parents and are required to have a “Y1” license. Coaches are required to play children regardless of soccer ability. Children do not have to try out for a recreational team. Teams are made up of players who want to play soccer just as a fun thing to do, and to learn more about the game without making a complete commitment to the sport. Recreational soccer fees typically range $180-$250 per year depending on age level and region. You are currently registered and playing recreational soccer. If your choice is to continue to play recreational soccer, you will register as you always have, with registration beginning the first week of May.

Select soccer is in between recreational and Elite soccer in terms of commitment and competition level. Players at a select level often participate in other sports. Players are chosen through an open try out process organized through the soccer club. Select teams  generally have more training and participate in 2-4 tournaments a year and sometimes even more. Coaches are required to have an “E” or “D” soccer coaching license. Coaches are often professional, non-parent coaches, and/or soccer players but can be licensed parent coaches. Select soccer fees run $500 - $600, or more per year depending on the select program you choose. If you are interested in playing select soccer, your child will attend try-outs the first full week of June. Team placement will be announced according to current WYSA tryout rules.

Elite (In our region we have select teams only - the elite teams refer to MKSC Academy which is run out of Uihlein Soccer Park with paid coaches)  

Elite soccer is the highest level of play and involves the most commitment by players, parents, and coaches. Elite players generally focus on soccer as their number one sport with many only playing soccer Elite teams often practice all year long with few breaks. Elite teams often travel great distances to play other premier teams. Coaches are often professional coaches or soccer players typically with a USSF “D” or higher license. Elite soccer fees typically range from $1,600-$3,000. Try-outs for Elite level teams also take place the first full week of June.

Select and Elite premier programs can vary greatly in price and philosophy. Information is available to help you make an informed decision. 

Currently your child is probably playing for Germantown regions’ Recreational/ Academy program. The Select program starts at U11 in Germantown and in most other regions. Milwaukee Kickers’ Academy program is the Elite soccer program.