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Contact Paul Hammond for play & practice field availability. Contact opposing coach if there is any question as to game on/off.


Field Conditions (last update: 4/22/19)

Friedenfeld: GAME fields Open

Field 1 (U7/8):

Field 2 (U7/8):

Field 3 (U9/10):

Field 4 (U9/10):

Field 5 (U11/12):

Field 6 (U13+):


Other Questions?







What is a select or travel team? Select (or travel) soccer is an opportunity for recreational soccer players to continue the growth of their soccer skills in an increasingly competitive environment while still placing an emphasis on development. As the name implies, players are selected annually for teams based on the abilities they demonstrate in open try-outs. Try-outs are scheduled in June for teams expecting to start play in the fall. All players try-out every year regardless of whether they have played on a select team before.

Select teams typically travel farther than recreation level teams. The WYSA league area is larger than the Kickers area. Select teams also have the opportunity to register for one or more select level tournaments which may require travel outside of our normal playing area (possibly requiring overnight stays).

All select players rostered on a team will be required to have a photo id card (aka player pass). The league prints these cards for registered players and the coach / team manager is responsible for these cards for the whole season. These are retained by the coach and inspected by referees at the start of each game. Only rostered players with player pass cards are allowed to play in a WYSA sanctioned game.

 Will GSC continue to create rec. teams? Absolutely! Attending tryouts and the potential placement on a GSC Select team is optional. We will continue to register many recreational players and create GSC recreational teams at all age levels if there are enough participants interested to form teams. 

Attending tryouts and placing on a GSC select team is a growth opportunity for players who would like to take their soccer skills to the next level. Players and parents need to balance the opportunity for growth with the increased commitment and player interest. 

When are tryouts? U11 –U 14 Boys and Girls start the second week of June-- first offers can be made end of the week  Tryouts for U15 – U18 Boys and Girls start the week after – first offers can be made end of that week...per WYSA rules. See schedule on Tryouts Page.

Where will tryouts be held? Friedenfeld  Park .

How much does it cost to play Select? Varies depending on coach and tournaments, indoor, uniforms, bags, training apparel etc. typical averages are from $500 - $600 .

Is there a cost for tryouts? This year the tryout fee is $20, this fee is used for administrative cost, and expenditures associated within conducting tryouts.

What should I (player) expect at a tryout? Be prepared to demonstrate your best at all times during the tryout session. Come prepared as you would for a game (cleats, shin guards, water and appropriate ball).

Although your soccer skills on the field are obviously important, evaluators will also be looking for examples of good sportsmanship, ethics, and communication with your fellow players, coaches and evaluators. We will be looking for players who are willing to listen and grow. You can improve your chances for selection if you can demonstrate your ability to play in more than one position.

There are a lot of useful guides on the internet to help a player understand what is expected at a tryout.

Here are some links:

If possible, consider these guidelines as you play during the season leading up to tryouts. Talk to your current coach about your strengths and areas where you can improve. Practice and plan to have fun at tryouts!

 Can I bring a whole team to GSC Select? GSC requires all players to participate in open tryouts in June. Each player will be individually evaluated based on their skills, sportsmanship, ethics and commitment to the team including fellow players, coaches and officials.

Acceptance on to teams will be made only through open tryout evaluations.

If you wish to bring a team to GSCs Select program all players on that team must tryout and have an equal opportunity to be placed on a team together with other tryout participants based on a demonstration of their abilities.

If you have questions regarding this, please contact our Director of Coaching.

What are the roster sizes?

     The below are the current roster sizes per WYSA rules.


Age Group

Number of Players
on Field

Min Roster

Max Roster

U11, U12




U13, U14




U15, U16









What is the time commitment? Players within select teams will be expected to dedicate a greater amount of time to organized practice compared to recreational soccer. It is assumed that a select player has a high level of interest in growing their soccer skills and will also work to perfect skills outside of organized practice times.

Clubs within the WYSA Select League cover a wider geographical region than Kickers Rec. League so travel distances for away games can increase.

Practice time will vary based on age group and coach. A typical practice commitment is two practices per week (approx 90mins each) and an eight game league schedule. Games are usually scheduled on Saturday or Sunday.

GSC has a policy that all our Select teams play a minimum of one indoor session.

Select teams usually play in at least one tournament in both Fall and Spring , but generally play in two (4 in total).


Who can tryout? All area players are welcome to try out for GSC Select teams.

Although our club name reflects our geographic location we have many players from neighboring school districts participate within our club.

Our goal is to make GSC Select program as accessible as possible by keeping costs as low as possible

What is the policy on playing time? At the Select level there is no guaranteed playing time. Each teams Coach determines how playing time is allotted. Playing time is based on fitness, skill, attitude and commitment. However GSCs’ philosophy strongly encourages a 50% playing time policy especially in our younger developing teams and players .This can be 50% playing time over the course of the season as opposed to each game.

Seasons plan ..what is it ?  Each Select coach will be asked to submit for review their plans for the season, this will include the league / level they hope to be playing at, number of tournaments participating in, number of practices per week, number of indoor sessions and tournaments if any , if they plan on any extra training  during the winter  and if they plan on having warm ups , soccer bags our any other team spirit wear. This plan is then approved by the board and will be available at tryouts so parents are aware of the commitment they are making if their child makes a team.·        

What happens if I make a team? Players are notified via email, on the website and by phone if necessary .Per WYSA rules players have 24hours to respond to either accept or decline. Any offer extended to a player is valid for 24hours, during which time the player is guaranteed a spot on the team.

A player is considered committed to the Club (considered rostered to a team) when a written acceptance occurs AND a parent / guardian signs the player registration form and submits it to a club representative with the intent to play for that club. The tryout registration is NOT considered the player registration. Any refund policies are at the sole discretion of the club.

Any player who commits to a club and then decides to play elsewhere in the same registration period is considered a transfer and such transfer is subject to Wi youth soccer Assoc. rules

What happens if I do not see my child’s number on the website? If you do not see your childs’number on the website or have received no contact from the team coach or representative by the notification date June 16th for U11 – U14 please contact the Coach for that age group or the Director of Coaching.

Players are ranked at tryouts and sometimes a player will decline a roster spot and that spot then goes to the next available candidate. If a player does not make a team we will exhaust all possibilities within our club (including other MKsc regions) to find the player a team. We also creatively roster our players to try allow enough room for all our tryout participants that have the minimum standard required to play at a select level.

 Who coaches the team?  All Coaches are selected and approved by the Board, prior to tryouts. Coaches must have the appropriate licensure for the age level they will coach. If a volunteer coach cannot be found, or if the majority of parents would rather go in a different direction then a paid coach can be found and hired by GSC. This option would need to be recognized early on and the Director of Coaching or other board member notified as soon as possible.  (* Coaches fees are paid by the team)



Please contact myself or any board member if you have a question or concern. Members contact information can be found on our this website in the "about us "section.