Playing & Practice Field Availability

Contact Paul Hammond for play & practice field availability. Contact opposing coach if there is any question as to game on/off.


Field Conditions (last update: 1/11/19)

Friedenfeld: GAME fields CLOSED

Field 1 (U7/8):

Field 2 (U7/8):

Field 3 (U9/10):

Field 4 (U9/10):

Field 5 (U11/12):

Field 6 (U13+):


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Referee Information

Below are links to various documents to help the referee.  If you have any questions or find errors, contact Kyle Trimble at

*Please note that Germantown Soccer Club does not assign referees to games , they are independant contractors who assign themselves to the games they wish to ref. At this time with the current system GSC is unable to determine if referees are assigned to games. With a severe shortage of referees its important we encourage our young adults and players to consider becoming referees. We as parents , players and coaches can also help by being respectful and courteous to all referees at all times.


Set Up Of GameOfficials Account

Self-Assigning Games (Version 2)

USSF Publications

Laws Of The Game (FIFA)

Laws Of The Game (US Soccer Version)

Laws Of The Game Made Easy

Amendments To The Laws Of The Game

Advice To Referees

Guide To Procedures

Information For New Referees

Offside Made Easy


MKSC U6 Rules

MKSC U7/U8 Rules

MKSC U9/U10 Rules

MKSC U11/U12 Rules

MKSC U13/U14 Rules