Playing & Practice Field Availability

Contact Paul Hammond for play & practice field availability. Contact opposing coach if there is any question as to game on/off.


Field Conditions (last update: 4/22/19)

Friedenfeld: GAME fields Open

Field 1 (U7/8):

Field 2 (U7/8):

Field 3 (U9/10):

Field 4 (U9/10):

Field 5 (U11/12):

Field 6 (U13+):


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The roadmap to soccer fun at GSC!


2018/19 Rec Fees (Pre-July 1st Discount is $20)

Below rates are being updated as of 6/28/18

Age MKSC Fee Regional Fee *Volunteer Fee   Total
U7 $155.00 $50.00 $50.00   $255.00
U8 $155.00 $50.00 $50.00
U9 $165.00 $80.00 $50.00   $275.00
U10 $165.00 $80.00 $50.00
U11 $190.00 $125.00 $50.00   $325.00
U12 $150.00 $125.00 $50.00
U13 $150.00 $125.00 $50.00
U14 $150.00 $125.00 $50.00
HS $100.00 $60.00 $50.00   $210.00
*$50 per child max $100 per family, reimbursed with adequate service hours  (6hrs per child per season)      


How do we compare to other soccer options?

GSC has always strived to be affordable while maintaining competitiveness and developing players. Typically GSC is half the cost of most local alternatives and is substantially less than that at some other clubs. The value difference is a personal decision, but if your interest is development and long termteam development with a vision for High School camaraderie, GSC is an excellent place for your family!

Our club has many paid coaches, not just experienced parent volunteers. But it is the volunteerism that helps GSC keep rates lower and fun factor strong! Don't think that this means less competitiveness or development, as high fees do not equate to better outcomes as a general rule. 


Recreation and Academy Programs

For kids 5 and younger:  The Village of Germantown Park and Rec Department offers 2 fun programs to get your kids started in soccer.  One run by the village typically run on Saturday mornings and coached by parent coaches. Visit the Village Park and Rec website to find the latest brochure to sign up for any Park and Rec run activities.  And an additional offering - Mikro Soccer - run in a partnership between Milwaukee Kickers and the village Recreation Dept, typically run on Wednesdays and coached by young adults trained/guided by experienced Milwaukee Kickers coaching staff.

U7/Age 6+ intro and registration:  The Germantown Soccer Club (GSC) recreational program takes over from where our outstanding Germantown Village recreational programs leave off.  Any child or parent new to soccer or kids and parent coaches that participated in the Village program through the U6 age group are encouraged to join the GSC which runs through U18.  Starting at U7, teams are typically all boys and all girls, with very few exceptions.  Registration is usually from May 1st through the end of June and teams are formed before mid July.  We are frequently able to place children on teams anytime through the year, so please contact the club registrar if you are interested midseason.  You can register through our Regional affiliate Milwaukee Kickers at using this link to get to the Germantown region.  

Friedenfeld is our home field and is used for all home league games only.  We have 2 U7/8, 2 U9/10, 1 U11/12, and 1 U13 thru U18 fields all in the same location.  The park includes a concession stand and play set for younger kids.

U7 / U8 age levels:  Parent coaches at this age level work together and with other experienced professional club coaches from MKsc to teach the players soccer fundamentals in an atmosphere of fun.  A soccer curriculum was developed by a team from Milwaukee Kickers and Germantown Soccer Club. Fundamentals include skills such as coordination and balance, first touch, proper dribbling, passing, and shooting techniques, teamwork, and soccer basics like playing goalie, throw-ins, spacing, and defense.  Practices are held 1 or 2 days a week at Germantown soccer fields.  Small sided 4v4 league games with referees, provide an environment that gets all kids soccer opportunities and encourages many touches on the ball.  All kids play ½ game each game learning different positions.  Away games are at other suburban areas.  Teams are formed from families in the Washington Cnty area, so new and old friendships develop while learning this team sport.  There are tournament opportunities that have many teams and have 3 to 4 games in the same place on a weekend.  There are also indoor opportunities during the winter that allow the kids to experience playing on an indoor turf field.   Families are encouraged to take advantage of all these soccer opportunities, but it is understood that kids have other activities. 

ACADEMY PROGRAM : U9 and U10 Age groups. Licensed and accredited parent volunteer coaches at this age level continue to work with experienced professional club coaches to build on the fundamental skills developed at U7/U8.  The Milwaukee Kickers curriculum continues to build on what was taught during U7/U8.  Advanced ball control using all parts of your body is added while enhancing footwork.  Soccer moves are added to dribbling while teaching taking on an opponent.  Player movement, spacing, and advanced passing and shooting techniques are introduced.  The practices continue to include the entire age level to allow friends to continue to spend practices and the majority of their time playing soccer, together and having fun.  Because players’ progress at different speeds and new players are introduced all the time, the teams at these age groups provide additional challenges to players that have developed advanced physical and soccer skills.  These additional challenges can include more intense and frequent soccer training, more challenging league play, tournament, and indoor games, and are customized each year for the group.* Please see our Academy Information page for a more detailed overview.


U11 and older age groups:  Families with kids not interested in Select soccer, typically have the option to continue playing soccer at a recreational level.    While numbers of kids at this level decrease, Germantown is typically able to put together a team for all kids that want to continue playing soccer.