GSC College Scholarships

Each year the Germantown Soccer Club (GSC), through the Germantown Community Scholarship Fund,  provides two $500 scholarships to graduating high school boys and girls.  Requirements to qualify for the award include playing for the GSC for 4 years, 2 which must be select, and doing some volunteer activity in the club for at least 2 years.  Please review the Germantown Community Scholarship Fund requirements for more requirement or restrictions.


2013 Winner Sarah Cummins

2011 Award Winner - Ben Hapka

Milwaukee Kickers College Scholarships

Milwaukee Kickers provides between 4 and 8 scholarships per year ranging from $200 to $1000 each.  Criteria, due February 15th, 2012, used for the scholarships includes:

  • Application form on is available here.
  • A letter of recommendation from one MKsc coach confirming the applicant’s qualities of sportsmanship, team spirit, character and personal development, and record of growth and responsibility.
  • A letter from at least one MKsc Regional Director to verify the parents/applicants volunteer service to the club.
  • Applicant must submit an essay of up to 200 words on a subject relating to his/her personal growth and learning experiences as a member of MKsc.
  • Applicant must submit proof of admission to an accredited college or university.

Application packet can be submitted to the MKsc scholarship comittee at Uihlein Soccer Park.

WYSA College Scholarships

2012 Mike Kabanica Scholarship - Annually WYSA selects three boys and three girls to be awarded the Mike Kabanica Scholarship. Kabanica served as Wisconsin Soccer Association President for nearly two decades up until his passing in October 1996. The scholarship program is a testament to his legacy to the growth and development of youth soccer in the State of Wisconsin. Applications for the 2012 Mike Kabanica Scholarship are now available. Awardees will be selected based on accomplishments in the classroom and on the soccer field, as well as contributions to their community through volunteerism and other community service activities. Each will receive $500 to be used towards their college education. Click here for the application which must be postmarked no later than Friday, February 24, 2012.

Start reading about playing soccer in college

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) offers links to the web sites of all member institutions that sponsor soccer as a varsity sport. Go to for a one-stop location that covers a broad range of information for prospective student-athletes.

The National Association for Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) is another governing body for intercollegiate sports in the United States. Its web site is Other national collegiate organizations include the National Junior College Athletic Association ( and the National Christian College Athletic Association (

The truth about playing soccer in college and scholarships

To increase their profits, many area clubs like to give the impression that by playing on a team in their club, your child will play in college and probably get a scholarship.  Below are some articles that explain the truth about the numbers of kids that go on and how college scholarships work.  Click the links to read the full articles.  Each article contains links to additional information to help you understand how sports in college works.

From a US News Articile - 7 Things You Need to Know About Sports Scholarships

Do you secretly hope that your child will some day win a full-ride athletic scholarship?

Many parents do, including my sister, who believes that her 9-year-old daughter enjoys an excellent shot at a soccer scholarship in 2021. What would prompt my sister, Jane, who is sane in other respects, to think her daughter, Kate, has a chance at an athletic scholarship?

Kate, a third grader, was recently picked to be on a top club soccer team in her San Francisco area neighborhood. Yep, that's all the evidence that my sister has to go on.

From a Livestrong Article - Which Colleges Give the Best Soccer Scholarships?

If you are banking on a soccer scholarship, a 2010 article in "U.S. News & World Report" suggests being realistic. Division I and II schools offer about 138,000 athletic scholarships. Each year, roughly 433 soccer scholarships are available to boys and 806 for girls. According to a 2008 article published by the National Soccer Coaches Association of America, or NCSAA, there were 4,326 spots on college soccer teams for boys and 4,416 spots for girls. Fewer than 8 percent of graduating seniors would have an opportunity to play for a college team. A soccer scholarship is not a full ride. In fact, one scholarship can be divided among three or more players. Further, scholarships are guaranteed for only one year.

From a NY Times Article - Expectations Lose to Reality of Sports Scholarships

Pat Taylor is a freshman at Loyola College in Baltimore. Though recruited, he did not make the soccer team during tryouts last fall.

“I feel terrible for him — he worked as hard as I did for all those years,” [brother] Joe Taylor said.

Their father, Chris Taylor, said he once calculated what he spent on the boys’ soccer careers.

“Ten thousand per kid per year is not an unreasonable estimate,” he said. “But we never looked at it as a financial transaction. You are misguided if you do it for that reason. You cannot recoup what you put in if you think of it that way. It was their passion — still is — and we wanted to indulge that.

“So what if we didn’t take vacations for a few years.”

Pat Taylor, who started playing soccer at 4, said it took him about a month to accept that his dream of playing varsity soccer on scholarship in college would not happen. He looks back fondly on his youth career but also wishes he knew at the start what he knows now about the process.

“The whole thing really is a crapshoot, but no one ever says that out loud,” he said. “On every team I played on, every single person there thought for sure that they would play in college. I thought so, too. Just by the numbers, it’s completely unrealistic.

“And if I had it to do over, I would have skipped a practice every now and then to go to a concert or a movie with my friends. I missed out on a lot of things for soccer. I wish I could have some of that time back.”

The reality about the cost of youth select soccer

 For Profit Clubs     GSC 
 $  1,800.00 Base Fee (League, fields, coaches)  $  190.00
 $  400.00    Hotel Fee (3-4 tournaments)  $  100.00
 $  200.00         Other Travel  
 $  100.00      Uniform Package with club surcharge  $    50.00
 $  2,500.00               Total per year*  $  340.00
   *Indoor extra  
  *For Profit have fund raising pressure  

Taking the figures above, for the time period of select soccer (U11 to U18) which is 8 years, the cost difference is $17,000.  If you include playing for a For-Profit club in their earlier years (U6 to U10) the number approaches $25,000.  Even if you think there are training differences between clubs, understand that children that switch to other clubs later on, were still trained in GSC or Kickers and are good enough to play in those other clubs.  When evaluating your childs soccer interests with life experiences, make sure to clearly evaluate your choices knowing all the information.


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